Waltham Firefighters Get Some Inspiration as They Begin this Year’s “Fill the Boot” for MDA

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On Wednesday, September 16, Waltham Firefighters had a special visitor as they geared up for the annual Fill the Boot drive for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Aiden, a 3-year-old with Waltham resident battling Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, visited Waltham’s Central station with his family. Aiden got a grand tour of the trucks and equipment and got to meet the firefighters who will be raising money to find a cure for all types of Muscular Dystrophy!

Waltham Firefighters Local 866 take part in Fill the Boot every year as part of the IAFF’s 60-year tradition of supporting MDA.

The drive will take place at the intersection of Trapello Road, and Lexington Street on September 25. The drive will be conducted by volunteers from the Waltham Firefighters Local 866. Last year Local 866 raised more than $12,000! This was double the amount raised the previous year.

Here is the link to donate online — 100 of donations go to MDA.

Photos by Peter Lobo

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